About Blink

Blink Coffee is a female lead coffee business,  conceived by Alison Lynch in 2020 and brought to life when Elizabeth Skelly joined in 2021.

At its core Blink Coffee is all about great coffee and products, transparently sourced, thoughtfully delivered to our customers.  Blink Coffee is determined to be kinder to our customers and the earth and if at all possible, we want to have some fun along the way!

Between both of us we have vast experience in the coffee industry and pride ourselves on delivering the best quality coffee time and time again.

``We want to deliver good coffee to everybody, be inclusive and bring them on a journey``

Blink is an Eco Conscious brand.  We believe small changes can lead to big results and that’s why we partnered up with 2Gocup and TooGoodToGo, making it easier for our customers to enjoy their coffee and treats, while always respecting and enjoying the view at the Marina.